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Techniker bei der Arbeit
For entrepreneurs

Our active deposits :

Help your foot help itself!

Our feet are a marvel of statics and sensitivity. However, running on hard, level surfaces will stunt your skills. The feet lose their function and activity, which can lead to tension in the soles of the feet and pain. Many complaints of our musculoskeletal system can be traced back to incorrect positioning of the feet. Orthopaedists usually try to treat deviations from the normal foot shape with the help of insoles. Step Forward does not compensate for malpositions, but trains the feet back into their natural shape. The insoles put a lifelike, resilient arch of the foot under the foot and are not based on the misalignment of the foot like classic insoles. The small ankles will adapt to this natural shape. This immediately creates a physiological impulse and the statics of the body realigns itself. This constant impulse to straighten up will support and activate your entire body. Our active insoles are a "fitness studio for the feet" (training device).

Fascia training from the "sole to the top."
A "fundamental impulse" for the entire body statics are often the key to the causal elimination of complaints.

We offer you a product that eliminates the causes and not only works on the symptoms.

Advantages for employers:

  • The employees benefit from (or feel) a relief of the entire body.

  • During standing activities, the body is relieved and actively positioned.

  • Even with sedentary activities, occasional exercise strengthens the feet and thus the entire body

  • Higher wearing comfort for safety shoes.

  • Permanent foot muscle training in everyday life and thus also during work.

  • Training for the feet (-) means a fundamental improvement in general fitness.

  • Less foot, knee and back pain.

Conclusion: fewer absenteeism by reducing orthopedic problems

Not new but little used: every employer has the option of paying tax-free and non-contributory health promotion subsidies to employees in addition to their salaries. Would you like more information on this? We're here to help.

We offer for you:

  • Health days in your company with lectures and practical workshops

  • Foot analyzes for your employees

  • Advance information talks with your management

  • Attractive offers for your entire workforce

  • 10-year guarantee and 3-month satisfaction guarantee

  • "High profit for you and your employees for little financial effort!"

-> How many employees suffer from incipient or pronounced hallux valgus or malpositions such as flat arches, splay feet and consequently pain in the musculoskeletal system?

Our active insoles help with:

Heel problems like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis

Flat feet

Arches feet

Flat feet


Forefoot pain

Morton's neuralgia

Hammer toe

hallux valgus

Ankle problems

Knee discomfort

Hip discomfort

Back pain (lumbar spine, thoracic spine)

Shoulder discomfort

Neck discomfort

Headache, migraine

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Heel Pain cropped.jpg

And so it goes on now:

We always like to speak to our customers personally.
We will arrange a phone call or a meeting in your company.
You can personally convince yourself of our active insoles and do a test run. Without obligation and free of charge.

We analyze the feet of your employees on site in your company in order to determine the needs for your staff. Of course, all of this is non-binding and free of charge.
We'll find a way to get funding, there are several ways to do this.
Your employees will benefit very quickly from the active insoles in your shoes, which means you and your company will benefit.

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