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Back, hips, knees - and other complaints

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Our active insoles help with:

Heel problems like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis

Flat feet

Arches feet

Flat feet


Forefoot pain

Morton's neuralgia

Hammer toe

hallux valgus

Ankle problems

Knee discomfort

Hip discomfort

Back pain (lumbar spine, thoracic spine)


Leg length differences (functional)

Shoulder discomfort

Neck discomfort

Headache, migraine

Our active insole gives you the ideal foot position back. Your entire body reacts, because the way your foot is positioned, all joints align. Through this, you can expect relief from any problems related to the foot. Over the years we have found that foot deformities can affect the entire body. With the active insole, your body is corrected and activated by your feet. This is why so many people report relief in so many areas of the body. Test the effect that you will see when you wear it for the first time.

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Hocks and knees

Knees and ankles are hinge joints. If your foot is pronated (roll in) or supinated (roll out) too much, use your knees and ankles like ball and socket joints, which leads to long-term wear and tear. The right support, inside or outside, can relieve your joints immediately. Your foot will return to its natural position. This works extremely well with our active insoles.

Lower back / lumbar spine (lumbar spine)

Back pain is a widespread disease and it is widespread. Mostly they result from unphysiological posture. With our insoles we give you the "right foundation" again, your posture is balanced, all joints benefit from it, you will feel it during your test run.

Sciatica discomfort

The people's nerve causes you problems from the back to the legs, sometimes to the tips of the toes. A pronation of the foot promotes sciatica symptoms. Pelvic misalignments, scoliosis and others have already been corrected by therapists using our insoles.

Other ailments / symptoms

Ask us individually about your problem if you could not find it here. We can certainly help you.

Medical advice

Symptoms can vary widely. Only qualified specialists can make such diagnoses. Here we explain how you can remedy a lot of situations with active insoles. Never take it as medical advice.

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