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Active - recommend deposits

Carry the knowledge about your feet and how you have helped yourself out into the world!

"Over 90% of our customers would recommend our product to family and friends". And you?

Customers recruit customers:

You have been wearing our active insoles for some time and you know how good it is for your body.

Why don't you spread the word and benefit from it!

Our concept lives from the fact that people talk about it!

You receive € 30 commission for every successful referral of a new customer.


1. Register now as a recommender (see form below).

2. You will receive your personal referrer number.

3. You can use your referrer number to make recommendations and benefit from them.

(Discounted purchases are not taken into account. Purchases made during a trade fair are not considered recommendations).

Now fill in the form here and you will receive your personal recommender number (EC no.)

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