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Finally: How to correct your hallux valgus.
The correction starts on the first day, the progression of the hallux valgus is stopped immediately, easily and without a great deal of time. Read directly how to do this.

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Hallux valgus is one of the most common foot misalignments and is also called frost ball, ball toe, crooked toe or, colloquially, excess leg. This is a weak foot, especially a weak transverse arch. The big toe is crooked, in the direction of the little toes, and the base joint protrudes further and further outwards.

It doesn't happen overnight, it's a long process. The body tries to work against the progressive deformity and deposits lime on the joint in order to stabilize the big toe, whereby the ball of the foot becomes more and more pronounced.

Originally, the transverse arch of the foot is naturally shaped in an arch. It is made of bones and is held in shape by muscles.

This tunnel shape is necessary so that nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and muscles have space and can function optimally. In many people, for various reasons, the transverse arch is no longer completely bent and the feet are misaligned.

Hallux valgus often occurs in combination or as a result of splayfoot malposition. While hallux valgus used to be more common in older people, it can now be found throughout adulthood due to shoe fashion - pointed shoes, often in connection with high heels that lead to a compression of the foot. Women are affected more often than men.

However, obesity, rheumatism or gout as well as weak connective tissue can play a role in the development. Only the restored function of the transverse vault can prevent, stop or reverse this process.

There are many insoles, splints, pads and other supposed aids that are sold for hallux valgus with the promise that they will help. Even if it appears that these "aids" can relieve the pain in the most painful and acute phase of the problem, they weaken the foot because they do the work for it in the long term.

They may temporarily relieve symptoms, but without affecting the cause of the problem. The most effective way to correct a hallux valgus is to strengthen the foot muscles through targeted training.

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