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Children and Active Insoles

Every child is born with flat feet. The arch shape of a foot only develops up to school age.

Only then is the foot complete and able to perform all everyday functions, a physiological arch is visible on the print.

We are of the opinion that the process of vaulting should not be impaired and therefore advise against conservative insoles.

Normal-5 Jahre
Normal-3 Jahre
Normal-6 Jahre

Baby foot

3 years old

7 years old

From school age you can promote and support the natural development of the foot with active insoles. The growth of the body is due to the effect. We always decide individually and together with the parents whether an insole is suitable for the child. Because our product is also an aid and it is always necessary to check it, especially with children. If there is pain, it is always advisable to do something about it. You are welcome to contact your personal advisor or us directly. In most children under the age of 16, the vault size has to be changed after a certain period of time, due to growth. We therefore offer the following for children:

  • A pair of children costs € 295, as for adults.

  • In contrast to adults, children get a temporary size (until the end of growth) until the vault is fully grown.

  • Each child receives the final insert as the last size.

  • Every size change is charged with an administration fee of 30 €.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact your personal advisor on site or contact us directly.


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