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Herzlich Willkommen

Hello dear visitors,

We are pleased that you are interested in healthy feet!

Our promise is that we have geared all of our skills, our knowledge, our service and, last but not least, our products so that you can achieve maximum success when it comes to foot health.

Here you can get to know us a little better.

Have fun with our offer!

Your Step Forward Team

The initiator behind the active deposit:
Ralf Kraft, B. Sc. physical therapy

He has been dealing with the feet for over 10 years. Early on in his apprenticeship, he recognized how important functioning feet are for the entire body. After completing his training, he did not understand the general care of foot problems in everyday working life and very quickly questioned it. The auxiliary equipment, some of which he found in the shoes of his patients, was cumbersome, incomprehensible and ineffective.

“I wanted to strengthen my patients' feet, not support them and take the strain off them. It quickly became clear to me that real help can only succeed if the foot is trained and if the everyday conditions that make the foot passive (hard surface and shoes) can be changed or minimized ”.

Ralf then examined and tested exercise concepts, training sessions and other methods for the feet. He found many effective methods here, the problem was how to implement them for the patients.

“Hardly anyone takes the time to train their feet for at least 45 minutes a day”!

"I was looking for a simple training device that trains the muscles and stabilizes the body statics from below and that with everyday movement sequences".

When I got to know the active insoles, I was skeptical, as I had already seen and checked so many insoles. Nevertheless, I was attracted by the experience I had when I first worn it. I had a distant hunch that this idea might be a brilliant one.

I tested it on my own feet and was able to see very quickly how well this active insole can work.

In the next step I experimented with patients and was excited about the corrections that were possible. The posture is immediately balanced. And foot misalignments, such as hallux valgus, hammer toes, heel problems, flat feet, ultimately all foot problems that can be had with foot function and activity can be resolved.

Since 2013 I've been moving through Germany and promoting this brilliant concept.
Freiburg has been in charge of sales since 2013. Since then, Step Forward has been able to convince over 10,000 satisfied customers throughout Germany of this new active foot concept.

Our 3-month satisfaction guarantee shows a success rate of 97%.

"Aligning and activating the feet and thus the body naturally from the ground up has been my concern ever since".

The care of the feet in Germany must and will change so that from an early age we can train, activate, support and protect the entire musculoskeletal system in a natural way. So that the widespread disease of ailing feet doesn't even arise.


Der Initiator der Aktiv - Einlage:
Ralf Kraft, B. Sc. Physiotherapie
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