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To keep you safe, we have two guarantees for you:
Product guarantee for 10 years:

Our guarantee includes material defects as well as defects in the manufacturing process. Should the deposits be within
If it breaks, splits, or cracks 10 years after purchase, contact us for a free replacement. Should the
Flatten Insoles, Contact Us For How To Restore Arch Support.
The guarantee does not cover heat damage (over 50 ° C), abrasion (discharge), culpable behavior or incorrect use. Do not let dogs chew on the pads. Don't leave them in the sun. Keep your shoes clean inside! The original receipt must be shown for all warranty claims. In addition, the general civil and commercial law provisions apply.

Glückliche Familie
3 months satisfaction guarantee:

We want our customers to be satisfied.
That is why we give you the opportunity to return your deposits three months after purchase.
After that no return is possible!

You will be reimbursed the purchase price minus EUR 75 if the following conditions are met:

1. You wear the Step Forward insoles for 2.5 months. (an early return is only possible after consultation)

2. Please report if you cannot increase the specified training time by 3 days or if you have other problems
(By e-mail ( or by post, always including the callback number!).

If you have not contacted us within 5 weeks of the date of purchase, no return is possible.
If you are satisfied from the start, there is no need to contact us.
Deviations from the guarantee conditions can only be made by mutual agreement.

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