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Here you can find out more about our active foot concept ...

Our feet are a marvel of statics and sensitivity. However, running on hard, level surfaces will stunt your skills. The feet lose their function and activity, which can lead to tension in the soles of the feet and pain. Many complaints of our musculoskeletal system can be traced back to incorrect positioning of the feet. Orthopaedists usually try to treat deviations from the normal foot shape with the help of insoles. The active insoles do not compensate for any misalignments, but train the feet back into their natural shape. The insoles put a lifelike, resilient arch of the foot under the foot and are not based on the misalignment of the foot like classic insoles. The small ankles will adapt to this natural shape. This immediately creates a physiological impulse and the statics of the body realigns itself. This constant upright impulse through the foot will support and activate your entire body. Step Forward is a "fitness studio for the feet".


  • supports all three arches of the foot

  • aligns knees, hips and back

  • light and flexible

  • Shelf life 10-15 years

  • Product guarantee 10 years

  • interchangeable from shoe to shoe

  • fits in 90% of all shoes

  • promotes blood circulation

  • strengthens the foot

  • used by athletes

  • not absorbent

  • hypoallergenic

  • is usually covered by private health insurance


  • ideal support & alignment

  • not only the feet benefit

  • comfortable to wear

  • good value for money

  • only 1 pair necessary

  • no new shoes required

  • good for diabetes

  • lasting benefit

  • better performance

  • no odor formation

  • no negative reactions

Two environmental conditions challenge our feet every day:

1. Few shoe shapes promote foot activity or support the anatomy of the foot. Rather, our shoes are comfortable and cushion. This results in weak foot muscles, and ultimately the statics of the foot and the adjacent joints are lost.

2. Our feet are not made for standing and walking on hard surfaces. Soft soils such as sand and grass are the perfect prerequisites for our anatomical foundation. We spend large parts of our everyday life on hard and flat floors

The active insoles offer you the natural shape for your feet again.

Our concept brings your foot back to its natural shape. Your foot structures are able to work perfectly again, they take over the fundamental work for your body in the long term and consistently with every step.

Your feet will swing naturally again. They give your body sufficient support and are perfect for adapting to a wide variety of surfaces.

Sarah Alles explains how easy it is

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