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The revolution on the foot treatment market has heralded: With modern active shoe insoles you can now also correct rampant common ailments such as hallux valgus, heel spurs and other misalignments easily, naturally and sustainably without surgery, injections or painkillers.

In his exciting new book, the well-known medical journalist Ingomar W. Schwelz describes how the surprisingly effective active insoles with the spring effect train our weakened foot muscles with every step and make them vibrate - and thus remedy the cause of many complaints in the entire musculoskeletal system. The fitness studio for your feet!

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The insoles simulate walking barefoot on soft floors, place a lifelike, resilient arch under the foot and are not based on the misalignment like conventional insoles. Rather, the foot adapts to the given, perfect shape of the insert. Immediately there is an impulse to straighten up, so that the statics of the body can realign itself and we assume a straight posture again. The motto is to walk lightly and painlessly.

Word of the success gets around: In the meantime, more and more foot surgeons are putting their scalpel aside and using the elastic active insole as the first and often only treatment for what would otherwise require an operation.

The book shows in an easy-to-understand way how you can use an ingenious and simple aid to protect your foot health, get knee, back and hip pain under control and maintain or regain a good quality of life.

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