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The Neanderthal ran barefoot over grass and sand. Unfortunately, we find such conditions far too seldom in the modern world today.
The active insoles offer you the natural shape for your foot again - helping your foot to help itself!

Our concept brings your foot back into its natural shape. Your foot structures are able to work perfectly again. You will take over the "fundamental work" in the long term and consistently with each of your steps.

Your feet will swing naturally again. They give your body sufficient support and are perfect for adapting to a wide variety of surfaces.

If you know your vault size, please write it in the "Add a note" box on the next page

Vault size:
Don't you know what size you need? No problem. Then we will send you our impression set
When you order the active shoe insole, the impression set is included free of charge and you do NOT need to order it.

With the purchase you acquire a 10 year product guarantee as well as a satisfaction guarantee of 3 months.

Active - deposit

€310.00 Regular Price
€295.00Sale Price
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