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Step Flex
A pain-free life
with the ACTIVE-Orthotics
If you correct your foot deformity now, you will get an upright posture and that after the first wearing. Quite simply and without spending a lot of time - guaranteed.

Fragen Sie Ihren Arzt oder Therapeuten nach Step Flex Aktiv Einlagen

Dr. andreas Tutzer

Dr. Andreas Tutzer

I was impressed with the correction of many problems, especially hallux valgus.

Christine Stuhlinger

Christine Stuhlinger

a neuralgia in the foot disappeared after a few weeks with active insoles.

charles simmons

Charles Simmons

I love her! For the first time in my life I feel like my feet are stronger
are. I finally have a visible vault in the soles of my feet. I have no back problems
and my general posture is better too.


Roter Kreis
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Hauptstadt TV

Consulting topics:

Your goal / your wish:

Hallux valgus

Our feet are a marvel of statics and sensitivity. However, running on hard, level surfaces atrophies their skills. The feet lose their function and activity, which can lead to tension in the soles of the feet and pain.

Many complaints of our musculoskeletal system can be traced back to incorrect positioning of the feet. Orthopaedists usually try to treat deviations from the normal foot shape with the help of insoles.

Fußmuskeln Modell

Our active insoles do not compensate for any misalignments, but rather train the feet back into their natural shape.

The "feathers" place a lifelike, resilient arch of the foot under the foot and are not based on the misalignment of the foot like traditional insoles. The small ankles will adapt to this natural shape. This immediately creates a physiological impulse and the statics of the body realigns itself.

This constant righting impulse from the foot will support and activate your entire body. The active insoles are a "fitness studio for the feet".

Fascia training from the "sole to the top of the head" and a "fundamental static impulse" for the entire musculoskeletal system are often the key to the causal elimination of complaints and thus far more than a therapy that treats the symptoms.

I'll tell you a story that will amaze you

"I was in pain for 20 years and then, after just 10 weeks, my life was completely transformed.

I no longer give my active insoles ”.

Take the first step towards your active insoles

The advantages:

  • We offer you a simple and effective solution.

  • You get a 3-month satisfaction guarantee - no risk

  • You receive a product guarantee of 10 years, our solution is long-term.

  • You can benefit from it no matter how sick your feet are.

  • Children benefit from it.

  • We offer you therapy against the cause of the problem.

  • If you have little to exercise your feet, you can now exercise your feet every day.

  • Usually paid for by private health insurance

  • Fits in almost all shoes

  • You achieve maximum effect with minimal effort.

  • You don't have to expect any side effects.

  • You are helping your feet and the entire body - the foot is your foundation.

  • It is a solution that sounds simple and it is!

Who is our product suitable for?
  • Our product is for people who suffer from hallux valgus.

  • It is for people who have foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain.

  • It is for people who have pain when walking.

  • It is for people who feel pain when they put their shoes on.


Take the first step towards your active insoles

Find advisors throughout Germany:
Simply enter your location in the lower right next to or above the map.

Look for the numbers in brackets after the name to identify the type of your advisor.

Type 1 : Consultant without a warehouse (consultation and taking your footprint are carried out directly by our consultant. Definitive adaptation and delivery take place after ordering)

Type 2 : Consultant with warehouse (customization, advice and sales are carried out directly by our consultant).

Type 3 : Testing and trial runs are possible on site. Sales are made to order.


Look for the numbers in parentheses after the name to identify your advisor type.

Type 1 : Consultant without stock (consultation and taking your footprint are done directly by our consultant. Definitive customization and delivery are done after order).


Type 2 : Advisor with stock (adaptation, advice and sale are done directly by our advisor).


Type 3 : Testing and trial runs are possible on site. Sale is made to order.

Customer opinions

Erika Fischer, customer

"I would like to share what has changed in six months with your help: I have compared my footprints from August 13, 2019 with the one from today. It can be clearly seen that both big toes are no longer the same misalignment as they were in August.

I am thrilled that with your measure a change in Hallux Valgus is possible in such a short time! The pain was completely gone after a few weeks. A great part ".

Erika Fischer  Review

Barbara Geimer, osteopath

Barbara Kothe

"In my osteopathy practice, there is actually nothing in the program that I have not tested extensively and found to be very good.
The active insoles are in the best use of my own, as I too am “on my feet” a lot in my professional activity and stand a lot. The effect is wonderful because the legs do not get so heavy, whether in practice or even during sports.
Many patients are very grateful for the relief of their back complaints, foot pain or misalignments that have already been alleviated. In short: you feel significantly less tired, fresher and more alert, even after a long day "!

What "satisfied customer" means to us ...

I can understand if you are still skeptical, because this gives us the opportunity to show you clearly why it is guaranteed to work.
We have THOUSANDS of happy customers. And when I say “satisfied” I mean that your quality of life has increased dramatically.

"My hallux valgus has improved enormously since I started using the new insoles. I always had pain on the outside of my foot. My foot has become more stable. A long tour of the city or a visit to a trade fair are no longer a problem".
Hannelore W.

"I am a physiotherapist from Hanover and have been wearing these insoles for almost a year now. Although I needed a relatively long break-in period, my complaints from jogging and long walks disappeared completely within four months. I also have a more stable feeling in my foot and my hallux valgus has improved significantly. That convinced me of the insoles ".
S. Moesing

" I have been the proud owner of the super insoles for four months. After a short time I stopped following the wearing recommendation because my feet complained when I did not wear the insoles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! After five years pain can." I finally go on longer trips again without symptoms. My quality of life has improved a lot. "
P. Loercher

"I am very satisfied with the active insoles. My arch has completely changed. After a month the statics have completely realigned. Even my big toes are no longer pointing inwards. My wife noticed that first. I have that too." Feeling of having grown a little bigger. The insoles wear without any problems; even if I take a break for two days, it feels good to wear them ".
T. Kimm

"I've been a physiotherapist and have been wearing the insoles for about a year. In my free time I like to run and in my job I have to stand a lot. I had foot pain again and again because I had developed hallux valgus. Since I've been wearing the insoles my foot developed positively. The position of my big toes has visibly improved and I no longer have any pain " .
A. Haucke

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