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With the Velcro fasteners, you can easily attach your active insoles in open shoes.

So the summer is saved.

see here how to do it.

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Velcro fastener set for open shoes

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  • If you wear the AKtiv insoles all day, you can fasten them in open shoes with the Velcro fastener to prevent slipping.

    1. Clean the surfaces to be glued with denatured alcohol or similar.

    2. Glue the white point with the “hooks” in the heel area in the middle of the insert. The white point is already connected to the black, "fluffy" one.

    3. Now press the insole into your shoe with the help of the black adhesive point so that the rear edge of the insole is flush with the edge of the shoe, as if you were placing Step Forward in your shoes.

    4. The Velcro manufacturer recommends leaving the Velcro points in this position for 24 hours. Only then should the deposits be charged again. An overnight rest phase should be sufficient.

    5. It is possible that the Velcro points will change their position within a few weeks. In this case you can replace the points with new ones.

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