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"A person's footprint is more than just an impression. It is the result of the forces acting through the foot". Ralf Kraft

Do you know how your feet are and how the statics of your musculoskeletal system are structured? How are your feet stressed and how does it affect your body?

With our foot analysis you can easily take an impression of your foot. We can then recognize misalignments and derive stressful situations in your entire musculoskeletal system. The need for step forward becomes clear and we can carry out a check at a later date.

Ready to buy a pair of active insoles? Excellent decision!

First we need to determine your vault size. Step Forward insoles are manufactured in a wide variety of lengths and widths. We choose your insole that corresponds to the length and width of the bone structure of your feet.

You cannot determine the size of the arch of the foot by the size of the shoe! The size of the arch of the foot and the size of the shoe can differ up to three sizes. You have the option of measuring your height independently at any time. All you need is an imprint set, which you can order from us at any time. We charge you € 24.90 when you order, including processing, shipping and advice. Then you can decide whether you want to try our product. If you decide to buy, we will reimburse you € 24.90 on the purchase price of the active deposits.

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Foot analysis - set

€34.90 Regular Price
€24.90Sale Price
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